Isn’t it lanzy: Folklore for Cosmopolites

As recent as fifty years ago, the wearing of traditional costume was stil confined to the rural population and was considered to be totally inappropriate for country folk attending official events outside the local villages. Quite the opposite may be said to apply today. Credit in this respect goes to the Austrian Family LANZ in putting Salzburg-style clothing on the world map. This trend is owed not least to the countless number of distinguished wearers, past and present. These rank from Marlene Dietrich to Herbert von Karajan, Elisabeth Taylor to Billy Wilder, Helmut Kohl to Queen Elizabeth II of England or from Caroline von Monaco to Placido Domingo and hosts of other world-famous celebrities.
The Austrian Family LANZ has not only succeeded in carving out a niche for rural costume in the halls of fame, but also in creating a style of clothing that is suitable for virtually every occasion ranging from an afternoon walk in the country to a sophisticated dinner party, where ladies dressed in LANZ dirndl skirts cut an elegant figure. And where gentlemen in their LANZ Janker-style cardigans cater for soothing relief in contrast to the monotonous effect of blackish tuxedos or dinner jackets. By the way: The most convincing proof of Salzburg traditional costume having emerged on the international scene with flying colors is a singular adjective meanwhile coined in the English language to describe this distinctive fashion trend, namely „lanzy”. This stand for tradition with a touch of innovation, folklore for cosmopolites. Call it what yout will:

Elegance and comfort combined or simply „lanzy” !